The bite seems to be steady along the middle of the lake

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report and Forecast

With the light storm expected over the weekend we anticipate some good fishing as the barometric pressure drops and fish remain active throughout the day. This weekend will be a great time to get out here. Most methods remain productive, and fish are being caught on a huge variety of streamers, bugs and lures. It really doesn’t seem to make a big difference on fly selection but more so on presentation. Putting in a full day out here can be grueling but can be necessary for your shot at the 20+ pound fish that swim in these waters, so keep on the grind and keep that fly in the zone.

When fishing indicators, we are still finding good numbers of fish in the 6-8 foot range on balanced leeches while starting to see more action on midges and other nymphs such as Maholo Nymphs, scud patterns and even generic trout flies such as copper johns, dragonfly nymphs, and even worms and eggs, so don’t be afraid to throw the curveball every once and a while if you’re not seeing much action. The strip bite has been good as well using various buggers, boobies and beetles, and we always recommend having both set-ups on hand to cover a variety of situations and mix up your fishing for the day. The bite seems to be steady along the middle of the lake and beaches from Pelican down to blockhouse have all been producing, but with the number of fish in this lake, your odds remain high regardless of what beach you choose to fish for the day. Keep in mind that these fish are not stationary and are constantly on the move, so as long as the beach meets a few basic criteria you will likely find some trout.

If you would like to go fishing with us please check out our website Trout Creek or call (530) 563-5119.

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