As typical for mid-April, Pyramid Lake has slowed significantly

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

The stoke is real

by Reno Fly Shop

As typical for mid-April, Pyramid Lake has slowed significantly as a result of the trout’s spring spawn. While more difficult this time of year, large trout can still be found throughout the day. Crowds have thinned significantly and large sections of shoreline are now empty. This is a fun time to be at the lake since you can watch large pods of cutthroat cruise through the shallows in search of tributaries. Fishing will be best in times of low light.

From here on out to the end of the season, stripping flies (Booby fly, Pyramid Lake Beetle, micro Pyramid Lake Beetle) on a sink line will be best. Very soon, a post spawn bite will commence and streamer fishing will continue to improve. Most likely the post spawn bite will pick up around the last week of April. While most anglers have left for the season, the late season at Pyramid Lake remains a shop favorite.

Flies We Suggest: Micro Midge albino wino #12, Micro Midge 49’er #12, Balanced Leech White #8, Jan’s Tui Chub Olive #2, Jan’s Perch Fry #2, Pyramid Lake Bugger northern lights #2

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