Spring runoff is occurring and will alter flows here in Reno throughout the day

Truckee River

They’re here!!!

by Reno Fly Shop

The Truckee River seems to have fished differently on a hourly basis. Spring runoff is occurring and will alter flows here in Reno throughout the day. The USGS gauge in Reno shows a daily swing between 700-900cfs. Nymphing will be best in the morning as a result of lower flows and improved water clarity. Typical for spring, a mix of bugs have been on the menu and trout have been taking most well presented nymphs. A double nymph rig consisting of a large nymph (Conehead Stonefly, TJ Hooker) and a small nymph (Firestarter, black Perdigon) will best represent the bugs in the river. Stoneflies in a range of colors and sizes have worked well as an anchor fly, while smaller mayfly nymphs with flash have accounted for the most takes. New to the shop for spring 2022, the Firestarter nymph has produced well along the length of the Truckee River. This flashy Perdigon-style fly gets down has become one of our go-to nymphs on the Truckee and beyond.

When flows increase later in the day, streamer fishing has become more effective in the last week or so. With higher flows, Brown Trout can often be found confined to structure along the bank. Targeting water directly upstream with a streamer when wading has been a lot of fun and provides a different approach than in lower water conditions. When fishing this method, a large fly with a weighted head (Sculpzilla, Heisenberg) allows for a jig-style retrieve to be used.

We look forward to the coming summer season and the great fishing on the Truckee.

Flies we Suggest: Firestarter #14, TJ Hooker #8, Perdigon black #14, Carot #12, Jawbreaker White #1/0, Sculpzilla natural #2, Heisenberg #2

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