As of April 15, the East Fork of the Owyhee was flowing at 85 cfs

Owyhee River - East Fork - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

In the eastern region stream flows are down a bit from last week. Most streams are below the median for this time of year, many well below. The recent precipitation may make for some muddy driving conditions on the back roads. The East Fork of the Owyhee immediately below Wildhorse Dam is flowing at a trickle as little water is coming out of the dam. However, this is normal for this time of year when the reservoir has plenty of capacity and the snow pack is below average. As you go further downstream flows pick up considerably and by the time you get close to Mountain City it is greatly improved though still half of median. The pool at the dam is still holding fish and is providing action for anglers using nymphs and streamers. As of April 15, the East Fork of the Owyhee near Mountain City gauging station was flowing at 85 cfs with the Gold Creek Station (right below the dam) showing .1 cfs!