We are starting to see a good mix of spring hatches happen

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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Right now the Truckee is still holding at around 1,000 CFS in the canyon section but the big change has come upstream along Glenshire Drive where flows have gone up to around 750 CFS thanks to heavy run off in the upstream creeks, primarily Donner Creek which is flowing at around 300 CFS near the confluence of the Truckee. This has added some turbidity to the water as well as helped keep water temps cool. This will not necessarily work to our advantage this time of year as is will make fish less willing to move for your offerings, so our recommendation would be to try larger bugs now to entice them, and fish later in the day as temps come up.

We are starting to see a good mix of spring hatches happen as well as standard winter fare such as BWO’s and midges. But with the off-color water, we recommend using Stoneflies, worms, or eggs in tandem with bugs imitating march browns, caddis or BWO’s. With the heavy winds this week, fishing in the canyon can be a great way to find some protection from the elements and using indicators will certainly outperform the tightline set up which can be next to impossible to fish during high winds. The streamer bite will likely be good this week with the overcast days expected, and now’s a great time to swing for the fences for those big browns found in the deeper pools or frog water waiting to pounce. For this we recommend using Sculpin patterns or any pattern imitating a brown or rainbow trout and don’t be afraid to use larger sizes (2”- 4”) with a lot of flash to move some fish.

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