Summer fishing is in full force this week

Truckee River

Feature photo is Guide Scott Flint fishing the Big T on his day off. Photo courtesy of Jason Shields with perfect loops productions.

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The flows on the Truckee River have stabilized near the average level for this time of year and as we move past our spring runoff we should see water temps continue to rise making the window of good fishing switch more towards the morning hours. This will also be beneficial in terms of being the first angler of the day to run flies through any given run, especially as we come into the busiest time of year. Remember, we are open bright and early at 7 A.M., so stop on in before you head out to the water for the most up to date info.

As we progress into consistently warmer days, we’ve noticed the fish begin to move into the faster water, and fishing riffles, pocket water, and the tops of buckets will become increasingly effective. Typically the rainbows are the first to seek out the fast water, and often the browns will still be hanging back a bit, so we are still recommend fishing it all until the water temps come up further and all fish hold in one water type. We have seen a good amount of green drakes in our seines as well as PMD’s, caddis larvae, yellow sallies, golden stones, and the ever-present BWO’s are still very much on the menu. As always, the Truckee is much more about a good presentation over fly selection, so be sure to use ample weight, get your flies down to the bottom and get a good drag free drift for best results. There have been reports of some sporadic green drake hatches over the last week, and these are normally seen when stormy days are present, very short lived, and at times can only be on one section of the river. So while it would be wise to have a few of these adults in your box in case you get lucky enough to be around when they’re present, put most of your attention in the nymphs as this is what the fish are mostly looking at.

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