Very little change here as continue to report good fishing

Wilson Reservoir - Mountain City, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Very little change here as continue to report good fishing for chunky 13-to-16-inch trout and smaller bass as the surface water temperatures climb higher to around 70 degrees. The best trout fishing is from a float tube or a small cartop boat or canoe as the boat ramp is unusable. Fly fishermen seem to be having the best luck using leech, wooly buggers and chironomids. Damselfly nymphs are working as well. Mayflies are starting to hatch so pale morning duns (PMD’s), Adams and other Mayfly dries and emergers should start working. Bass are active and showing up in the creel though mostly smaller fish are being reported. Anglers should use the same presentations, colors and techniques that are being used at South Fork Reservoir – dark soft plastic grubs and crankbaits. Poppers can be effective during low light still water conditions. Wilson was planted with approximately 12,000 trout this spring.

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