Humbolt River Fishing Report

Humboldt River - NV

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Stocking – Fish in the Humboldt River are self-sustaining and stocking is not necessary. Regulations – Limit is 25 game fish of which not more than 5 may be trout, 5 may be walleye, 5 may be black bass and 2 may be white bass or white bass hybrids over 15 inches total length. White bass or wipers under 15 inches total length may be included in the 25 game fish limit. For the Humboldt River from Stahl Diversion Dam (near Golconda) to the downstream border of Humboldt County, live baitfish and aquatic bait from the Humboldt River Basin may be used. Commercially prepared and preserved baitfish or their parts may be used as bait.

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