Surface water temperatures are in the 70’s

Comins Lake - Ely, NV (White Pine County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Surface water temperatures are in the 70’s and fishing is fair for trout and fair to good for bass. With the warmer temperatures, anglers should be fishing deeper for trout.  Nightcrawlers have been working for trout though anglers have also been doing well using PowerBait. Black or olive wooly buggers and black, olive or wine-colored leech patterns on a fast sinking line are also productive for trout and bass.  One angler reports catching nice trout using white chironomid patterns fished about eight feet below a strike indicator. Black or red snow cones with a white bead and contrasting red or black wire ribbing, fished deep under strike slip indicators have also been working.  Bass are hitting on soft plastic worms and grubs in a variety of colors as well as swimbaits and minnow imitations. Spinning tackle has produced the best results for pike.  Anglers please note that NDOW has placed radio tags in several Northern Pike.  These pike will have an orange Floy tag near their dorsal fin and a small antenna (~ 7 inches long) coming from their stomach.  Please return these fish to the water for research purposes.  All other pike should be humanely dispatched. There is no limit on the pike.

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