Surface water temperatures have dropped into the high 60’s

South Fork Reservoir - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Surface water temperatures have dropped into the high 60’s with the recent precipitation and cooler temperatures. The unsettled weather of the past week has interrupted fishing so not many anglers have been on the water.  Fishing for bass may slow a bit with the cooler temperatures, but should still be good while trout fishing should start picking up. The south end of the lake is still very weedy and there is a lot of algae. Both should start dissipating over the next few weeks. Fishing has been fair for 15-to 20-inch trout for spin, bait and fly rodders from boats or float tubes but slow for shore anglers. The best time to fish from shore is in the morning when the water closer to shore is cooler. Bass fishing has been good along the dam using soft plastics and drop shotting.  Wiper fishing has been fair to good. The key is covering a lot of water until you find a school of them.  Fly fishermen report that fishing for trout has been fair using a fast sink line with buggers or leeches.  Black or red snow cones with white beads and contrasting red or black wire ribbing, fished under an indicator have also been working. Black, olive or purple wooly buggers and leech patterns are other patterns to try. Spin fishermen should try gold-colored spinners or lures for trout. Boaters will do well trolling flashers tipped with a worm using downriggers.    Bass are taking soft plastic baits with sparkles in dark colors such as blue, motor oil, purple and dark green. Crankbaits are also working for bass as are poppers in low light still water conditions.  Fishing for bass along the dam face has been productive for float tubers and boaters.  Anglers also report catching wipers trolling the same soft plastic baits.  The limit is one black bass and one white bass hybrid with a minimum size of 15 inches.

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