Baily Fishing Pond Report

Baily Fishing Pond - Carson City, NV (Carson City County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The return of the cool nights was just in time. Many of our community ponds have seen at least a round or two of fish so far this fall. Most of the ponds are fishing very well except for the Verdi and Davis Creek ponds. The Sparks Marina has fished well through the late summer and continues to kick out a bigger fish here and for both boat fisherman and from the southern fishing pier. Many of the rural ponds including Liberty, Mountain View, and Kinney are still fishing well and have been stocked in the last few weeks.

Vegetation is still an issue at many of the ponds making the bobber key. Small light leaders and small hooks baited with salmon eggs are pretty hard to beat until it gets really cold. The small warmwater species in most of the northern ponds have shut down with the season change. The trout have become much more active with the cold, some have been eager to hunt down small spinners. Fly fisherman using small ants or beetle patterns early and late have continue to do well.

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