The shore bite has been surprisingly consistent for this early on in the season

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Photo Credit: Trout Creek Outfitters

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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We’ve seen the best November fishing out here in recent memory. The shore bite has been surprisingly consistent for this early on in the season, and there have already been a number of big fish caught by shore anglers. This is most certainly due to the series of storms in the area causing the water temps to drop earlier this year, and as long as we see some more storms in the coming weeks, the bite should only get better as we head into 2023. The name of the game when fishing off the shore right now will be indicator fishing using balanced leeches or mixing it up by throwing streamers on full sinking lines in a type 5-7. The leech color of choice will vary depending on the day, and when fishing out here yesterday we stuck with the golden rule of color choice, fishing light colors when it was bright and switching to darker colors as clouds rolled in later in the day.

We have had a few reports of fish caught on midges as well, and the most important factor when choosing what to fish is having confidence in your selection and keeping your flies in the water, in front of the fish. When stripping streamers, the usual suspects are producing pretty equally, and between beetles, boobies and buggers, the sizes and the colors don’t seem to make a huge difference. We do notice that retrieval speed, depth and structure seem to be bigger factors, and a slow and steady retrieve on or near the bottom of the sandy gradual bottoms has been most consistent. Most beaches have been fishing close to the same and the bite will be spread out throughout the day, while we found out best fishing up north from around 2-4 PM, this does change daily so always be mixing it up out here if you’re not having any luck.

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