The south marsh and dike units are frozen with unsafe ice

Ruby Lake NWR - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The south marsh and dike units are frozen with unsafe ice. The collection ditch has a fair amount of ice at the north end starting at Bressman cabin. as well as some ice at the south end. There is still plenty of open water along the ditch for fishing and anglers can expect fair to good fishing for 15 to 20-inch trout with an occasional fish over 20 inches. NDOW has stocked the collection ditch with trout. Chironomid patterns such as zebra midges, red butt buzzers, chironocones and ice cream cones should catch fish. Other flies such as leech patterns, balanced leeches, crystal buggers, #14-16 hare’s ears, #16-18 PT nymphs and scuds fished under an indicator are recommended. As the vegetation dies off, scuds and leeches lose their habitat and make easy pickings for the trout. Fish leech and scud patterns along the edges of dying vegetation. Spin anglers should be using small spinners in black or olive with contrasting yellow or red colors as well as small minnow imitations. The collection ditch is artificial lures only, no bait. Wading is not allowed in the ditch.

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