Some sections are just holding more fish than others right now

Truckee River

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We’ve been seeing some spotty days on the Truckee lately, and it seems that some sections are just holding more fish than others right now. With a few slow days around Verdi, but some great days further up the canyon around Farad and Floriston as well as east of Sparks, getting out and exploring different water may not always produce results but it will always help you familiarize yourself with the various differences of this river along it’s 120 miles.

When fishing here on the CA side, using indicator rigs with an attractor nymph up top and a smaller nymph down below is a good way to go, and fish will take both right now. For your attractors, we’ve been continuing to find fish on smaller stoneflies in a size 10-12 as well as worms and eggs. For droppers, it’s been BWO’s and midges in sizes 16-20. This won’t really change for some time, so be sure you’re well stocked with these winter go-to’s. The CA side has an abundance of slow, deep runs and these will always hold fish this time of year so focus your efforts on this water type and fish them thoroughly. If you don’t find fish adjust your depth weight and fly selection and try again. The Nevada side is a bit different game as fish will continue to hold in walking speed water, such as slow, deep riffles and pocket water. Try fishing tightline setups here and sticking with smaller nymphs, picking off rising fish on dries, or swinging streamers in riffles or in front of boulders looking for those big predatory Browns.

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