Wet and soggy and snowy on the Truckee River

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Wet and soggy and snowy on the Truckee River.

Some good rain and snow the last few days. More on the way? Yeah, looks like it might set up that way.

Good, because we need it. Flows have dropped rather significantly out of Boca. From 285 cfs, to 80 cfs, last Thursday here in Hirschdale. They’re slowly climbing back up thanks to the rain yesterday here, but we ain’t getting anything out of Boca for awhile. 130 cfs here in the Hirsch now on Sunday morning, and slowly rising. Out East on the lower Truckee River in Nevada, about 300 cfs at Mustang, not bad. Essentially what flows have been there all fall. We need the storm door to remain open.

Way warmer today, but man it’s been cold. Pipe busting cold. When it’s that cold, it ain’t worth fishing the river. Go out to Pyramid Lake. It will be warmer this week and we should get some fishing in. December is a good time to get a big post spawn brown trout-streamer fishing.

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