Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Reno Fly Shop

I’m really excited to see some weather in the forecast. Fishing has been sporadic. Good one day, tough the next. The strings should bring us some consistency. Both techniques are working right now, but it’s not an all day bite on just one technique. I’ve found myself switching from retrieving flies to the indicator and doing well for a stretch, and then changing back when that bite dies off and doing well again. Have both setups ready to go. For the indicator bite most of the fish are from 10-15 feet down. I’m using a double balanced leech rig, though a few fish have been willing to take a midge. Wine, peacock, and white have all been effective leeches. 

Most of the fish caught retrieving flies are close in. I don’t think the fish are necessarily close to the drop off, I think they are following/inspecting flies until they get into shallower water. Fishing one fly (boobie, beetle) has been the most productive. When fishing one fly I will typically just use 24-30” off 15lb fluorocarbon. This keeps your flies tight to the bottom with enough freedom of movement to really entice a bite. 

Flies we Suggest: Booby Fly (Catwhisker, Deadpool, Dark lord), Beetle/Tadpole (Catwhisker, Deadpool, White n Tan), MopCorn Beetle, Tadpole, Pyramid Lake Bugger (Northern Lights, Midnight Cowboy), Balanced Leech (Wine, Peacock, White)

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