Ken's Sporting Goods Fishing Report

by Kens Sporting Goods Staff


The East Walker on the California side is currently closed, opening day will be April 29, 2023. We haven’t heard anything from the Nevada side lately but if/when we do we’ll let you know.


We haven’t had anyone on the ranch for several weeks, when we get some reports from down there we’ll pass them on.                   


Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023           

KIRMAN LAKE                       

Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023       

TWIN LAKES                   

Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023                                                  

WEST WALKER RIVER                

The West is open to catch and release fishing with only artificial lures with barbless hooks this time of the year. We haven’t heard of any fishing activity there lately but when the weather warms up a bit at some point hopefully we’ll get some reports to pass on.                 

VIRGINIA LAKES                  

Closed to fishing until April 29, 2023                            

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The Fishin’ Mission Foundation has purchased and has been working on the installation of a very cool streaming web camera here in Bridgeport, it’s been mounted on a tall pole on the front corner of Ken’s! It went live today! You can click the “Streaming Web Camera” on the front page of or you can go to and click the “Web Cam” link on their front page, go check it out! Also, send a big shout out to the Fishin’ Mission Foundation an thank them for all their great work in the Bridgeport area!!

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