Comins Lake is nearly 100 percent ice covered

Comins Lake - Ely, NV (White Pine County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Comins Lake is nearly 100% ice covered with still a few areas of weak ice. Most areas that were sampled had 4.5 to 5.5 inches of solid ice, but anglers should be aware that a recent ice break up has caused some areas of the south lake and north lake to be unsafe, 2 inches or less.  Early winter ice fishing is some of the most dangerous fishing, please exercise caution. Anglers can expect to catch 14-to-18-inch Rainbow Trout and the occasional Brown Trout and possibly a Tiger Trout.  Anglers, please note that NDOW has placed radio tags in several Northern Pike.  These pike will have an orange floy tag near their dorsal fin and a small antenna (~ 7 inches long) coming from their stomach.  Please return these fish to the water for research purposes.

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