What a crazy winter on the Truckee River already

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

I’d say we’re doing pretty good snow wise now. That last storm was no joke. The Truckee River could have hit flood stage, if on Saturday, the rain hadn’t turned to snow. Then we got about 2 feet after about 5 inches of rain. River rose up to about 4000k here in Hirschdale, and now is back down to around 800 cfs.

We have great fishy flows all up and down the river now. You probably ain’t finding anywhere to park unless you go down past Floriston. Just too much snow. They even got a foot of snow in Reno.

So, we’re going to have more rain and snow for the next few weeks. We could have a big one again on the 9th. If you can get up here between storms, you’re going to have some great winter fishing. I’ve been kinda waiting for this.

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