The Truckee River continues to fish well with the warmer weather

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

The Truckee River continues to fish well with the warmer weather. While water temperatures are still below 40F most days, there certainly is an opportunity to catch a few wild rainbow or brown trout midday. Bug activity will increase during warmer times, so fish activity almost always follows. Trout are in their winter haunts now- meaning you’ll want to target the slow and deep water available for trout.

While the Blue WInged Olive hatch has not occurred yet, trout are keying in on nymph imitations of these insects in the meantime. When fishing slow water, trout have the ability to inspect a fly for longer and can often be pickier towards fly presentations. That means that flies must be more realistic and presented best to catch picky trout. In the winter, a thinner tippet material  helps to present a fly more gently and naturally. If you believe your placement of the fly was right but did not hook a fish, try downsizing either the fly or tippet material. Most often a spool of 5x Top Secret Fluorocarbon and a size 16 Micro Mayfly will get the job done. Finally, in slower water an indicator can be too much when impacted the water during your cast. It might be time to change to a yarn indicator or event a dry/dropper rig to lighten up the “plop”.

Flies we Suggest: Neon Jig, Duracell, Fire Starter, Micro Mayfly, Hot Butt, Parachute Adams, Pullover BWO, Galloup’s Jigged BWO

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