The lake has been fishing very consistently over the last few weeks

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The lake has been fishing very consistently over the last few weeks, and for those waiting to plan their trip to this destination fishery, the next 2 months will really be your best shots at great fishing. As for those that live a little closer and are just doing a day trip here, we have seen a window of good fishing in the afternoons, typically from around 12-4. So while you’ll still see a lot of hardcore anglers fishing from sun up to sun down right now, if you only have a half day to fish out here don’t let it stop you from getting out. They may catch a few more fish, but you’ll definitely be warmer, drier and less burnt out at the end of the day. This lake can be a grind at times, but the casual fisherman can still have a great day out here just the same.

The midges have taken over as the main fly when fishing under the indo, especially towards the afternoons, but we are still catching our fair share of fish on leeches. Paring both a midge and a leech on your setup will give the fish an option, and is how we prefer to fish, but some days the 2 midge set up reigns supreme. If going with the dual midge combo, be sure to use appropriately weighted flies to the conditions, I.E. wave height and amount of current, and use split shot to keep you down if necessary. The strip bite has been great in the late evenings when the additional movement of your flies is more likely to trigger a strike. Early mornings both methods have been equally effective, but either way you choose be sure to fish shallower as fish will mostly be high in the water column at this time of day.

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