Wow, pretty insane snow totals here for the the Tahoe area and the Truckee Rive

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Wow, pretty insane snow totals here for the the Tahoe area and the Truckee River. I really haven’t done any fishing. It’s been cold, like really cold, and I’ve been dealing with snow removal. Hard to keep up with it all sometimes. 

One of the bigger dumps we’ve had here in Hirschdale. We’re at about 5.500 feet and we easily got 4 feet in 2 days. Up on the summit they got about 12 feet in the last week. An impressive week of snow. Add that to what we already have and well. We’ll have some run-off this spring, lol.

This Winter will stack right up there with some of the famous ones. I think we’re gunning for ‘16,17’, at this point. ’82,’83, Winter ain’t out reach.

If anyone remembers, the spring and summer of 17′, was about the best I can remember for big fish on the Truckee River. It should be like that soon.

Unless you fish the Nevada side of the Truckee River, good luck, you ain’t parking or getting to the river for a few days anywhere on the CA side. Good news, they’ve bumped the flows out of Boca. Sitting at about 330 cubes here in the Hirsch.

I haven’t even been down out East in Nevada on the lower river that much either. Been pretty cold there too. Got a day Friday. I think we’ll have a good March down there though.

Next week is much more promising for fishing. Going to be cold and snow again this weekend, but it looks like we’re getting bigger warmer storms after. That’s always good for the fishing. Should get the river up and won’t be as cold. Rain will settle and pack this snow down and access will be easier.

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