These storms have kept the water temperatures on the river very cold

Truckee River

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Is it Spring yet? Well, technically, yes. However, the grips of this huge winter still don’t want to let loose just yet. Continued unsettled weather over the next week will drop another 6-8 inches on Tuesday and scatted storms throughout the remainder of the week. Will it ever stop? There has even been rumors that the storm window may remain open all the way through June. While it eventually will turn into rain later in the year, we may be in for a very wet spring. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s fish need water, and they’ll have it in spades this year.

These storms have kept the water temperatures on the river very cold, and we are still very much in winter conditions in terms of where you will find fish right now. Look for fish in water that is walking speed or slower, and in runs 3 feet or deeper. Most fish will be found in the seams off of boulders, tail outs, bubble lines and areas where fast and slow water meet. If fishing down the hill, you may find some fish in a bit faster water, but even still the slow deep stuff is going to be the highest odds at this time. Here in town the water is very clear, almost too clear, so downsize your tippet and run small flies imitating midges or baetis, in sizes 20-22. If opting to fish bigger bugs such as stones, worms, or eggs, take on more of a searching method, and cover runs quickly, and still drop a smaller nymph below to give them the option.

Below the confluence of Boca reservoir, the water gains a bit of color and this will help anglers hide their heavier tippet, and themselves. Even still we have been doing best on small flies from the confluence to state line, fishing the same sizes as up high, but using flies with additional flash and brighter colors to grab the fish’s attention. We’ve been seeing some thick hatches of midges along most of the upper river, so fishing a Zebra Midge for a larva pattern or a Manhattan Midge as a pupa emerger have been working well when stealth is key. Flashy, but small patterns like Rainbow Warriors, Lite Brite Perdigons and Duracells have been doing best when slightly diminished water clarity is present, I.E. Boca confluence through West Reno.

East of Sparks, the water once again gains some heavy color, mostly thanks to the creeks coming in around Sparks, and down here using streamers is a great way to go to search for big fish in the dirty water. With some prolific hatches of baetis this week, the possibility of good days of throwing dries on the lower river is right around the corner, but as of this week we are not yet seeing fish react to these size 16 mayflies on top of the water, only subsurface. This should change once we see some sunnier days with no wind, which may be as early as next weekend, as Reno is forecasted to me in the mid 50’s by next Saturday.

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