Pyramid Lake has continued to fish better than previous years

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Reno Fly Shop

Pyramid Lake has continued to fish better than previous years with the cool temperatures in the air and water. The anticipated spawn is in full effect and fish are cruising shallow areas by the hundreds. While not every cruising fish will feed during this time, the ones that do make for consistent fishing through all types of weather conditions. 

The strip bite has been most effective in the last week or so. Flies stripped at a rapid rate have worked well in areas of two to eight feet of depth. With water temperatures gradually increasing, vegetation and algae are starting to grow on the lake bottom. This is a yearly occurrence in the spring and requires a modified approach when fishing. A tandem rig of two floating flies is a great choice right now. This method provides a lot of movement for the flies and keeps them above vegetation and in front of fish. If the flies are too heavy or fished along the lake bottom, you will likely be pulling weeds off your fly on every cast. The Mopcorn Beetle paired with a Deadpool Booby has been a great combination and should remain effective over the next week or so.

The indicator bite has slowed substantially over the last week. Midge fishing has been sporadic and seems to be winding down for the season. On the flip side, Balanced Leeches have become more effective and fish are beginning to key on bigger presentations. Color choice should represent Tui Chub or Perch Fry as the water temperatures increase. 

Flies we Suggest: Mopcorn Beetle, Tadpole, Pyramid Lake Beetle, Balanced Leech, Mini Jig Leech

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