May is Here, And The Trout Aren't Going Anywhere

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)


by Pyramid Fly Co.

Yup. It’s May. Crowds have dwindled, the temps are up, and the fishing is still great. Most anglers tend to cut bait and leave Pyramid Lake in the rear view mirror this time of year due to trout openers all over the Sierras and Western United States. The massive winter we encountered this season has put the baffle to this theory, and anglers for whatever reason think when May hits that Pyramid stops producing. Quite the contrary though as cold inflow from the Truckee keeps things moving along in an extended spring like state…the bite is still on!

Still seeing cruisers in the shallows, and even though many of those cruisers are in a spawning state, you will find many among them eagerly searching for a meal. The ones you can see usually aren’t prime candidates for taking your presentation, so make it point to cast a bit beyond them.

Here you will find opportunity to find the hungry ones, or maybe a cruiser who isn’t on alert and wants to sneak in a snack under the protection of a little bit of depth. They are biting shallow, so you don’t have to set your rigs to deep, but don’t be afraid to probe deeper on occasion. Who knows, you might find a Sacramento Perch or two…those feisty sunfish have been popping up recently and they are a blast on the fly rod.

As we move further into May and into June, we get pretty excited at Pyramid Fly Co. Why is that you ask? Well, quite simply because we move into Watermaster season. That means we move off of the shore, and begin to hunt deeper water for large Lahontans chasing baitfish. Not much compares to roping a Lahontan Cutthroat Trout from a Watermaster, it’s a truly unique experience and one that can only truly be appreciated by joining us at Pyramid Fly Co. No crowds to contend with, open water, gorgeous days, and one hell of a fun time bringin’ fish to the net. So come on out and challenge the lake in a way many don’t ever get to experience. LET’S GO!!

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