Fishing has been slow since ice off for trout

Comins Lake - Ely, NV (White Pine County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Fishing has been slow since ice off for trout. The lake is a brackish color from leaching of tannins from the surrounding vegetation as well as from siltation coming in from Steptoe Creek. Despite slow catch rates anglers can expect to catch 14-to-18-inch Rainbow Trout and the occasional Brown Trout and possibly a Tiger Trout. Largemouth Bass in the 10-to-12-inch range will be caught, however, with cold water temperatures they are not quite active yet.  The spawn is in full swing for Northern Pike and anglers are encouraged to target Northern Pike while they are fishing.  Please note that NDOW has placed radio tags in several Northern Pike.  These pike will have an orange floy tag near their dorsal fin and a small antenna (~ 7 inches long) coming from their stomach.  Please return these fish to the water for research purposes

Comins Lake Angler Guide Information

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Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Wilson Reservoir: Water temps are in the 50’s and water clarity is fair
Jiggs Reservoir (Zunino Reservoir): Filling up after a few years dry
Cold Creek Reservoir: Anglers can expect to catch 8-to-10-inch rainbow trout and tiger trout
Kingston Creek: As of May 24th, Kingston Creek was flowing at 54.2cfs

Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Monday, May 22nd, 2023

South Fork Reservoir: Trout fishing has been good with fish averaging 16-18 inches
Ruby Lake NWR: Harrison Pass is open
Wild Horse Reservoir: Due to continued high run off from above average snowpack, water clarity remains poor