The Truckee has been pumping out some great fish as of late

Truckee River

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The Truckee has been pumping out some great fish as of late. As mentioned above, the river is dropping quickly which indicates stellar fishing in the weeks ahead. As of now, the river is still flooding the banks at spots which means some bushwhacking will be necessary at times to get to the prime holding water. Even with the big drop in flows, we are still finding fish right off the banks. We have also been seeing fish holding in the slightly faster rifles which are more typical of the spring and early summer. The fish are still hammering larger offerings such as crawdads, streamers, stoneflies, worms and eggs. We’ve had less luck on smaller bugs, especially down in the canyon. Higher up in the system, the odds of a fish seeing the smaller flies will be a bit better. Small flashy mayfly nymphs, such as rainbow warriors; lightning bugs; or medium-sized perdigons have been working and may provide an advantage when tempting pressured fish. Indicators and tightline nymphing are both effective right now, with each method having pros and cons.

Indicators are a great way to suspend your flies off the bottom and may result in less snags. It's also advantageous for fishing when attempting longer casts, if you have a good roll cast. Tight line nymphing will help with fishing right off the banks and with quick strike detection. It is also a great method to present a streamer right now. Other methods, such as swinging, require long steady runs where the fish may be spread out in something like a big riffle or bucket, and these runs are still moving too fast. Tight-lining a streamer is a precise way to put your fly where you want it, and allows you to dead drift it, jig it, or add a number of motions that can initiate a strike. It works incredibly well during high water, just make sure your fly has enough weight to get you near the bottom.

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