Truckee River Fishing Report

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The downward trajectory seen on the USGS flow charts are great to see after this extended runoff season this year. However, expect higher than average flows all the way through fall this year, due to the possibility of large releases out of the several lakes that feed the river. Larger than average release will be a good thing for our fisheries. Water flowing in from lakes and reservoirs will provide cold water for the fish and the insects they pray upon. This should make for a great dry fly season later in the summer and through the fall, which is an exciting proposition for a river otherwise known for it’s nymphing. Pale Morning Duns; Pale Evening Duns; Green Drakes; Green Sedges; Grasshoppers; and Ants are just a few of the major topwater players on the menu over the next few months, and unlike previous years of hoot owl closures, we expect to have the entire day to fish the river, with some of the best dry fly fishing often happening during the last few hours of light. As for the current conditions, the dropping flows have moved the fish around a bit and we are starting to find fish in some medium speed water, especially along the upper sections of river found upstream of the Boca confluence. When fishing this area, we have started to downsize our bugs a bit and have been finding increased success on size 16 PMD’s, size 14-16 Caddis Pupa, or size 8 Green Drake nymphs fished on 4x tippet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t’ still taking the typical runoff bugs when paired with a good presentation. Down in the canyon, from the Boca confluence to the Nevada state line, the flows have dropped to fishable levels with Farad sitting at +/- 2,500 CFS as of today. With the lack of angling pressure, the fish down low have seen over the last few months, this can provide a great opportunity to find some of those Truckee River trophies that haven’t seen a fly for a long time. If fishing down the hill, we recommend sticking with the larger attractor nymphs such as worms, eggs, stoneflies and crawdads. You can leave the 5x at home. Using 1x-3x will be your best bet at landing any bruisers you may find in this high water.

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