Things are firing off on the Truckee River

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Flows have dropped to normal levels. I repeat, flows have dropped to normal levels. Around 650 cfs here in Hirschdale. That’s a normal flow for this time of year. We have a lot of water backed up in the lakes and res’s, so we’re sitting pretty all fall and next winter. I would not be surprised if the river kicks up again when they let water out of Lake Tahoe.

Good fishing all up and down the river. You can get into that Reno stuff now too. Still a bit high, but it’s fishing. I’m talking a bit West of downtown. I don’t like getting poked my needles down there by the ball park. It’s a shame, they need to clean that shit up. I like from McCarren bridge up into the border.

These fish are munching now. Saw lots of bugs today. Happy fat ass trouts from the high water we had. Everything’s so green and awesome, and been raining in the afternoons. The fish are fat, the deer are fat, every critter just happy as a clam. I guess this is how Truckee was before climate change.

Wait until them caddis come out and the fun really starts.

So if you have a day with me this summer, you’re stoked. Gonna be good.

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