The Truckee River has fished increasingly well on a daily basis

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

The Truckee River has fished increasingly well on a daily basis with the slow decline in flow. While we still have daily fluctuations of around 100 cfs, the fish have been willing to eat and anglers have generally been finding them. Water temperatures, clarity, and flow dictate when and where fish will feed. While July typically coincides with fishing fast water, lots of trout are still being caught in slower water. Fish are scattered throughout runs and there appears to be no agreement on the most productive water type. In the coming weeks, faster pocket water should become more predictable as rainbow and brown trout look for more oxygenated areas and easy feeding lanes. 

Insect life has been prolific on the Truckee River most days. While the cool mornings offer little for hatches, the afternoons and evenings give up many more bugs and fish key in as a result. The three most important insects right now include Pale Morning Duns (PMD), Yellow Sallies, and Caddis. PMD mayflies are hatching in large numbers in the mid to late morning as water temperatures creep up. Soon after PMD’s make their appearance, Yellow Sally stoneflies show up in the air. Yellow Sallies are small stoneflies that are easily identified by their bright yellow body, distinct red butt and 4 wings (2 each side). Following sunset, caddis appear in great numbers. Caddis typically suspend just above the water and “bounce” up and down just above the water surface. Low light conditions following sunset offer the best opportunity to target fish on the surface. 

As a suggestion when fishing caddis dries like the Elk Hair Caddis or E/C Caddis. Don’t always present a “drag-free” drift. Often twitching, retrieving or even casting across the current and letting the fly drag (skate) across current can get exciting strikes.

Flies closely mimic the hatches throughout the day. When nymphing, flies like the Psycho Mayfly PMD, Split Case PMD, and Firestarter work well when PMD’s are active. Later into the day, try imitating Yellow Sallies with a fly pattern. The Bird’s Nest and Hares Ear are timeless favorites and work great when Sallies are hatching. Later into the evening, caddis such as the OCD Caddis and local favorite Carot are great choices. 

Crayfish and Golden Stoneflies have not been too active- but that time is coming. While these prey items aren’t moving around a ton right now, fish are still responding to a well presented stonefly or crayfish. Tie on a TJ Hooker or Mini Crayfish to get down quick and get a big fish to move! Jigged streamers are still a great option with the off-color water we are experiencing. 

Flies we Suggest:  Psycho Mayfly PMD, Split Case PMD,Fire Starter, Bird’s Nest Hares Ear, OCD Caddis, Carot,  TJ Hooker, Nemec Stone, UV Polar Jig, Weiss UV Jig, Elk Hair Caddis, E/C Caddis, Snowshoe Yellow Sallie, Parachute Adams

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