Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Lake Mohave - Cottonwood Cove, NV

by Rusty

Our striper fishing is thriving along the shores of the Colorado River below the Davis Dam. Reports indicate that stripers are being caught in the Big Bend area and the Community Park area. There have even been reports of anglers landing a few up on Lake Mohave by trolling near the power lines.

A visiting angler, Ashley Hunt, is from North Carolina and was here to visit family she was targeting largemouth bass in the back bay using a Z-Man's Ned Rig in the PP & J color (peanut butter and jelly). This fish, which was released, weighed in at 1.14 pounds and measured 18 and 1/4 inches. Largemouth bass are a sport fish and are typically released, although they are delicious to eat. Both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass are heavily targeted, which is why it's encouraged to release them. The most popular season for targeting these fish is the prespawn season, which is approaching.

While practicing catch and release, please be careful with these hardy fish. They can endure some handling, unlike our rainbow trout, which require more delicate care. If you see blood, consider keeping the fish, as it likely won't survive.

We hope this information is helpful for now, and we look forward to seeing you soon to share your catch and your stories. Thanks mostly for all your support. Now, go catch a fish at Rusty Riviera Marina, located at 520 Riviera Blvd., Bullhead City, AZ. You can reach us at 928-763-8550.

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