Fly fishing on the Truckee River has been consistent through the middle of September

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

Fly fishing on the Truckee River has been consistent through the middle of September. Air temperatures have continued to cool off resulting in more favorable conditions for trout. Water temperatures have dropped in accordance and are currently topping out at around 64 degrees at the Sparks gauge

Fishing has consisted of a mix of nymphing, streamer, and dry fly tactics. As usual for the Truckee, nymph fishing has produced the most consistent action. With summer slowly fading, active insects have trended smaller and smaller. Currently, mayflies have ranged from size 16-20. Mayfly patterns such as the Spanish Bullet do a great job imitating these thin bodied insects during this time of the year. Additionally, the Galloup’s Jig BWO has been a great option and has a lifelike appearance. 

Crayfish continue to be an important food source for Truckee trout. Late September is a great time to fish crayfish patterns since they are at peak activity. In the warmer months, crayfish molt anywhere from once a week (juveniles) to every two months (full grown adults). This molting stage makes them an easy target for trout since they are partially immobilized when they shed the old exoskeleton. After this shed, the new exoskeleton becomes exposed and is soft for a period of time. This makes the crayfish even more vulnerable! In the last week there have been many small crayfish (1 inch long or less) throughout the river system. The Mini Crayfish Jig and TJ Hooker have produced really well as a result.

Streamer fishing has really increased in productivity with the cooling temperatures. Look for cloud cover along with any precipitation to be productive times for streamer fishing. There are lots of baitfish in the shallow areas up and down the Truckee. In addition, crayfish are at peak activity for the year. Trout have quite a few options right now, meaning you might have to cycle through a few different offerings until you crack the code. If water clarity decreases due to rain, try fishing a Sparkle Minnow. This baitfish works well in slightly off-color water or in times of low light.

Flies we Suggest: Mini Crayfish Jig, TJ Hooker, Spanish Bullet, Jig TNT’s, Psycho May, Galloup’s Jig BWO, D&D, Barely Legal, Cheech Leech, Sparkle Minnow