Conditions remain very stable on the main river

Truckee River

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Conditions remain very stable on the main river. Over the last week we have seen consistent thunderstorms in the afternoon, and these are expected to stop by the weekend. The stormy afternoons have put a bit of color in the water, but this has been short lived, and visibility has been clearing by the next day. This little charge of water has made the bigger bugs such as worms, stones, craws, and eggs a bit more effective. As fall really sets in over the next few weeks, we expect these bigger offerings to fish better and better. As everything has this year, the October caddis are running a bit late. We typically see them start to emerge around the second week in September, but they still appear to be making their transformation into their pupa stage. This week we had reports of the little-known Mahogany Duns making a solid appearance on the river, causing a flurry of dry fly fishing to ensue. While interesting to note, we don’t expect these bugs to be big players this fall. The mainstays continue to be midges, BWO’s, PMD’s and caddis, and these should be the bugs one puts most of their focus on when heading out here. The streamer bite continues to pick up, and the stormy days have accelerated this a bit. Big, small, these fish will take them all, if they are presented well. Cover water, fish your way downstream, mix up retrieval speeds and fish various water types until you start having consistent results. There’s no wrong way to present a streamer, but there are more effective ways than others. 

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