The bite at Pyramid is slowly improving

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The bite at Pyramid is slowly improving. While the average fly angler may not be seeing great numbers quite yet, the size of the fish is enough to keep most people coming back. We expect to see quite a few fish this year in the same size class as the 31-pound 6-ounce fish caught on opening week. As this fishery continues to improve year after year, it’s no wonder that its popularity is off the carts. With the cold snap this week, the lake temps will continue to drop and it’s only a short time before the shore bite will get good. We are hoping for mid-November. Until then fly anglers are using float tubes or boats to get further off the shore and out to deeper water with fast sinking lines and heavy jigged streamers. We have seen even a few float tube anglers using braided line or monofilament on their fly rods to have their flies sink faster and allow them to fish depths of 60-70 feet a bit more effectively.

The fish are still being found in most parts of the water column, some right up on the surface, some mid-column and some down to 70 feet, with the big ones often sitting right on the bottom. With good reports on various beaches around the lake it’s often a game of pick a beach and hope for the best, which is why having the luxury of spending a few days here is a great way to maximize your odds of finding “The One”. There is also no clear bite window just yet, so fishing throughout the day and trying to find those pods of fish will be better than worrying about being out at first light or sticking it out until dark

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