Presentation and fly selection matter more this time of the year

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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There are still fish holding all along Glenshire, and quality fishing opportunities to be had all the way down through the lower river, and past Reno. Egg patterns and small bugs such as midges and BWO are the primary forage for now. Streamer fishing mid-day has been slower, but if you only plan to spend just a couple hours fishing in the afternoon then it can be a good option. You’ll find the best streamer bite in the late afternoon, as the sun begins to drop over the horizon. Most fish are holding in deep buckets and long slow tail-outs during this time of the year. If you believe a run is holding fish, put a few extra drifts in. Take your time, and fish each run thoroughly. As the water gets colder, the fish are less willing to move very far to grab your fly. Presentation and fly selection matter more this time of the year, as you will have to put your flies right in front of the fish. The type of water that we are targeting will also allow the fish more time to study your offering. Downsizing your tippet to 5x for your dropper can make a difference during the winter months. 

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