The Little Truckee is still fishing really well for this time of the year

Little Truckee River - CA (Sierra County)

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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The Little Truckee is still fishing really well for this time of the year, and the road is clear enough to get through as of today, and should stay that way through the weekend. Consistent BWO hatches around mid-day are still present, providing the opportunity to throw dry-flies to rising trout on a regular basis. The flows are stable at around 150 CFS. Being a tailwater, the water temperatures are more stable than the main river. The pressure on the LT has been comparatively light recently, with fewer people on the water. If you’re itching to get in a few more days on the LT before the snow makes it inaccessible to most, now is a great time to get out there.

The Kokanee spawn has all but concluded, but it’s possible there are still browns spawning for the time being. The egg-bite will likely still be effective for a couple more weeks along the LT before it drops off and we start to see more winter stones. As per usual, stealthy presentation and light tippet will improve your odds here. Small, natural looking indicators can make a big difference. Adding a reach cast into your dry-fly presentation will also help while using diminutive size 20-24 dry flies. Take your time, and be observant. Consider making fewer casts, but making each cast count. Always start your drift well upstream from the fish so that your offering appears as natural as possible. Small details are everything when you are deciphering the code on such a highly pressured fishery. 

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