ICE....or lack there of...UPDATE!

South Fork Reservoir - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by South Fork State Rec. Area
(775) 744-4346

ICE....or lack there of...UPDATE!
We still do NOT have safe ice for ice fishing at South Fork. A couple of individuals have poked holes off of the boat ramp, however, the ice is less than 4" and it is NOT considered safe.
The high winds over the last couple of days have kept a good portion of water open along the southwest shore, and a small patch in the middle of the lake. You can still open-water fish from the Coyote Cove and Jet Ski shorelines.
We should see some ice-building over the next week with the colder temperatures coming in, but for now, conditions are not safe for venturing out.
We'll provide another update in about a week. Until then, stay safe and stay warm.

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