The Truckee continues to see very strong flows downstream of the Boca confluence for this time of year

Truckee River

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The Truckee continues to see very strong flows downstream of the Boca confluence for this time of year, holding at 370 CFS as of today. While the upper stretch is quite a bit lower, it is still fishing well. There’s an abundance of small to medium-sized rainbows along the Glenshire Drive area, making for a great place to find better numbers of fish and even have a shot on some dry flies! The baetis hatch will come off mid-day and they are around a size 18-20. The midge hatch will also be consistent and will be found more in the morning hours. Good imitations for baetis would be Silhouette Duns or Parachute Adams for the adults and Mole Flies or RS2’s for the emerger. Soft hackle fishing up here when a hatch is present can also be a fun way to fish and even though it is not a very common method, you would be surprised at how effective it can be. When fishing the midge hatch, our go-to bugs would be Griffith’s Gnats in a size 18-20, cream colored Parachute Midges in 18-22 or even a dry dropper set up with a midge emerger fished just under the film. This is a fun and technical way to fish, no doubt! Fishing in the canyon will be a bit of a different game due to its increased volume. Try using an indicator set up here with a larger attractor nymph such as a stone or worm and pair it with your classic LBS (Little Black Stuff) fly of your choice. Good options for LBS right now would be Juju Baetis, Micro Mays, Olive Mic Drops, Zebra Midges or Manhattan Midges. With this wet storm moving in this weekend the river is expected to come up a bit, in which case may make for a good time to use two to three attractor flies fished under an indicator or just swinging for the fences with a larger streamer, don’t be afraid to go big and articulated!

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