The dry fly fishing has gained momentum in the last week or two

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

Truckee River Report Section by Aden Breckner

The Truckee River has seen an increase in water temperature over the last week – kickstarting a consistent hatch of midges with a few Blue Winged Olives (BWO). With temperatures rising throughout the day, early morning has not been particularly productive. Around 10-11 am, fish activity has increased and the fishing has been much better.

Nymph fishing has been best from downtown up to the California state line. Flies like the Psycho May BWO and the Micro Mayfly work great as an imitative pattern. When fishing the Truckee during winter, it helps to use an attractor in a tandem rig with an imitative fly. You can fish a San Juan Worm, bead, or even a dead-drifted streamer in this role.We are stocked on TroutBeads in the shop along with hooks, pegs, and boxes. Lately the Thin Mint Bugger and the Silver Fish have worked well when fished under a bobber. Not every fish is going to eat the drifted streamer- but the ones that do tend to be big. 

The dry fly fishing has gained momentum in the last week or two. Good hatches of midge are starting around 10 a.m., lasting into the afternoon. The BWO’s have not been as active but we are closing in on that time. While BWO’s are the preferred hatch, fish have been very willing to eat midges off the surface on the right day. The dry fly fishing has been most productive east of town from the end of Sparks on down the USA Parkway. Patience is key here- take your time approaching fish and make your first cast count. Rainbows and Browns can be quite picky when eating dries in the frog water, so being stealthy is key. Lately it’s been tough to beat the tried and true Parachute Adams in a size 18. This fly can imitate both BWO’s and midges with its gray body. Additionally, the Griffiths Gnat is a great midge dry that’s withstood the test of time.

Flies we Suggest: Parachute Adams, Baetis Cripple , Pullover BWO, Psycho May BWO, Micro Mayfly, San Juan Worm, Thin Mint Bugger, Silver Fish

Aden Breckner, with your On-the-Water Report from the Truckee River. Water temps have cooled with the deepening winter. Trout have...... Read More