Ice measured an average of 7 inches of clear ice, with 6 inches + of slush on top

Wild Horse Reservoir - Owyhee, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

As of 02/12/24, officials at the State Park measured an average of 7″ of clear ice, with 6″+ of slush on top. Ice thickness is variable, with other areas measuring just 5″. As warmer temps persist, it is important to be extremely cautious on the ice. Ice thickness will vary across the lake, so be sure to sample your fishing area for yourself. For a trout bite, try worms, jigs or PowerBait a few feet under the ice in depths up to 20 feet. For perch, jig a few feet off the bottom.

The new Nevada State Record for yellow perch was caught on 12/13/23. The fish weighed in at 1lb 9oz and measured 14.125 inches. Even with a catch this big, perch fishing will remain slow and fish will be small due to the die off last year.

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