Doug Busey's local lake fishing report

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers. Time to buckle down and ride out the storm. They say that the month of March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. This weekend is a good start to keeping our lakes and streams full. I did say in previous reports that I fish in almost any weather. This weekend I will be watching River Monsters or Fish or Die on tv. I recommend we all do the same to fish another day. Now after this weather event has gone, we can look forward to springing forward on March 10th. Yes, daylight saving time gives us all that extra hour to fish a little longer each day. When  other nature cooperates!

Speaking of mother nature. Due to the excess of last year's weather events. The Mason Valley Wildlife Management area will not open this year as planned. In talking with NDOW, they gave me this message. "Hinkson Slough fishing pond, Crappie Pond, Bass Pond and the North Pond will remain closed through Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area (WMA). (NDOW) takes proactive measures to address ongoing challenges at the pond. Bass, Crappie, and North Pond are all unable to be stocked in addition to Hinkson due to low water levels.Following last spring’s flooding that affected the entire WMA, NDOW initiated plans for habitat improvements and Common Carp removal efforts at Hinkson Slough. However, water quality issues that had previously been impacting the fishery were exacerbated by the flooding and slowed progress through the summer. In response, NDOW commenced a thorough assessment post-flood and created a plan to restore the pond. This plan includes draining Hinkson Slough to repair the aging outlet structure, eliminate carp populations, and provide a fresh start for the fishery.Despite ongoing efforts over the past months to dry up the pond, excessive inflow has prevented progress. However, last week, NDOW’s Mason Valley WMA and Hatchery staff developed an innovative water management strategy, aiming to effectively mitigate the inflow challenges. While significant water remains in Hinkson Slough and draining the pond will still take time, NDOW remains optimistic about the success of this solution". Now as the information comes to me of when it may open, I will pass that information along in future reports. But for those that enjoy fishing the area. The Fort Churchill Cooling Ponds were stocked with rainbow trout. You can gain access off of  ALT 95  via Sierra Way or Lux Rd. As for our local waters here in the sierra's, here is a brief report for after the storms have passed.

CAPLES LAKE:  The lake had 20 inches of ice with a foot or so of snow on it as of last week. After this week there will be an additional 3 to 5 feet of new snow on top of that. Ice fishing only for die-hards and the young at heart. The Caples Lake resort is open for lodging and cabin rentals. The restaurant is open now, but I would advise calling ahead to make reservations. Or to make sure their driveway is plowed.

RED LAKE: The lake had 2 feet of ice and a foot of snow on it as of last weekend. After this weekend you can add a few more feet on top of that. And with Cal/Trans trying to keep the pass open, the road behind the dam may or may not be plowed. If they do, it will only be up to the cannon. Which is used for avalanche control and there is no parking in front of the cannon area.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR:  The dirt road is now gated and is closed about a mile up the road. The paved road will be covered in snow by this weekend. I would recommend not venturing in, as it will only be plowed a quarter mile before the airport to allow access only for residents of the area.

TOPAZ LAKE:  The lake is now within a few feet of being full. The Douglas County Park launch facility is open, with a little caution. The east dock is under water about a foot. They do have a buoy to mark the end of the dock for safety. For large boats use the west dock and small vessels use the middle dock. You will have to turn around and back down from the top of the ramp due to high water. But the fishing has been doing well for trollers using Rapalas. I fished last weekend with Renee Heinichen (my better half). We started about 8 am and finished up about 1:30 when the wind started to come up. We caught and released 13 trout and kept a couple for dinner. Most of our fish came on a perch or blk/gld Rapala F5 or F7. But I do have to confess, I was out fished by Renee on this trip by a few fish. I have to admit, I taught her a little too well. But that is what fishing is all about. Teaching, learning and trying to think like a fish. I saw a few shore anglers that did fair using powerbait. I talked with a few other trollers that were using spoons and doing well.

As the weather starts to turn a little more spring-like, I will have better reports for more areas. I report as I fish it, and I will let you know when the fishing is good or bad. I hope you all have a safe weekend. If you have to travel, make sure you carry extra water, snacks, a charged phone and some warm clothes. Most important of all, tell someone where you are going and when you should return or arrive.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you get a picture of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters soon. Good fishin" and tight lines.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

Hello fellow anglers. Not really the best weather for fishing right now in the sierra's. But I do want to...... Read More