March is here!

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing
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March is here, the month that easily gets the most attention at Pyramid Lake and has for 50 years or more. March and April are the two months that Lahontan cutthroat Trout wake up from the winter and start to come alive. The next 4 months at Pyramid Lake are going to be awesome and some really big fish are going to end up in a net.

The water temperatures are still really cold. We have not really had any break from cold and winter weather since the beginning of the year. Water temperatures are still at their winter lows in the low 40’s. Another year that seems like everything will happen late. The weather is a lot like last year with really cold temperatures into March.

The fish are already cooperating some but with the water this cold to start March, April should be fantastic again this year. Last year our guides were on the early spring bite until early May when the spawn was over.

Right now fish are being caught all kinds of ways, Root beer and Olive balanced leeches have been working well as well as the usual Albino Wino and Copper Top Maholo Midges. Stripping Midnight Cowboy and Martini Olive Wooly worms along side a Loco Tadpole early and late in the day are also a good way to go.

Every day is different at the lake, wind direction, cloud cover, water temperatures all play a part in the daily success at Pyramid. You just have to keep your flies in the water and be ready. The fish of a lifetime is only one grab away. Good Luck, we have open dates in both March and April. Give us a chance to show you how we catch so many big fish….