Bug life has changed a bit with the addition of our early spring hatch of Skwala stoneflies!

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

Truckee Rivercomposed by RFS Guide Aden Breckner

The Truckee River has experienced significant changes in flow, clarity, and water temperature over the last few weeks. Luckily these changes have really turned on the fishing throughout the system. Fish activity has increased quite a bit as compared to only a few weeks ago. 

Bug life has changed a bit with the addition of our early spring hatch of Skwala stoneflies! These stoneflies are making a daily appearance in mid-late morning continuing throughout the afternoon. Skwala stoneflies don’t hatch through the water column- instead they crawl to the bank and hatch along the bank. Usually Skwalas will congregate along rock points, bridge pilings, and other hard structures. These can be great places to run a Skwala presentation by as fish feed on them. 

The most productive method of fishing currently has been nymphing. Both ESN and indicator styles are in play on any of the warmer weather days. When targeting the bank fishing Skwalas, ESN can be a great method using a stonefly imitation such as the TJ Hooker or a Tunghead Stone. On the indicator, a standard Pat’s Rubber Legs will do the trick.

If you find fish rising- there are three primary insects they may be feeding on. Skwalas, Blue Winged Olives, and midges are the three likely suspects. If you see aggressive takes along the bank- there’s a good chance fish are keyed on Skwalas. Try the Bullet Head Skwala, Chernobyl Super Hopper, or Para Madam X all around a size 8-12. Our Blue Winged Olive and midge hatches should continue for some time and deliver the most reliable dry fly fishing. This season, the Baetis Cripple and the Griffiths Gnat have done a terrific job on the surface.

Streamer fishing should pick up nicely as water temperatures rise. It looks like we’re in for some warmer weather for the next week or so; bringing water temperatures up. Wait for the water temperatures to rise into the afternoon and you should be good to go. In water clarity of 1-2 feet, try a black Cheech Leech fished along bank structure. In water clarity of 2 feet or more, anything in white or yellow can produce. Try the Barely Legal or the Bangtail.

Flies we Suggest: TJ Hooker, Tunghead Stone, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Bullet Head Skwala, Chernobyl Super Hopper, Para Madam X Micro Mayfly, Quill Jig, Spanish Bullet, Perdigon, Baetis Cripple, Pull Over BWO, Zebra Midge, Griffiths Gnat, Cheech Leech, Barely Legal, Bangtail

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