The lake saw a few good days this week

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Trout Creek Outfitters
(530) 563-5119

The lake saw a few good days this week as the last small front pushed through the area. Things appear to be slowly improving out here and we are feeling hopeful with the warmer weather expected this week. It may not make for great fishing in the immediate future, but will surely help bring the surface temperatures up, encouraging the fish to move into shallow water. The midge bite has been the most consistent, and with the warm sunny days, that should remain the case this week. They have begun to get a bit picky on both fly selection and tippet diameter, especially when you’re fishing the shallower beaches with more light penetration. While you may not have to downsize your bugs to a size 14 or 16 yet, you may have to swap out color combinations a few times before you find what they’re eating that day. Lightening up your tippet to a 2x and downsizing your strike indicator to increase sensitivity and may also help you get more fish to the net out here, especially during the sunny days ahead. The strip bite has been improving slowly, especially during low light hours, or if fishing off-color areas of the lake. For example, you can certainly try stripping if you’re fishing the mudline at Popcorn because of its proximity to the Truckee Inlet. The beaches along the middle or northern parts of the lake remain the most consistent as of late. This has been leaving a lot of the southern beaches nearly empty and free of fisherman. While they may not fish quite as well all the time, there are still going to be fish around and you won’t have to worry about fishing elbow to elbow with other fisherman and jockeying for the prime position on any given beach. This time of year, we feel that is a tradeoff worth considering. 

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