March Might Have Been Cold, But The Fish Are Hot!

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Pyramid Fly Co.

One thing is consistent at Pyramid Lake, you have to put in the work to reap any reward. Colder water temps have stalled the traditional heavy March bite into one that is a bit slower, however we are running into more quality than quality out here. We do have much higher lake levels as well, so that changes the shore dynamic everyone has been rather accustomed to the past several seasons. Fish are definitely pushed out further on ledges because of this, but doesn’t mean they are impossible to reach. Just have to be savvy on reading the shoreline and be keen on where that ledge plunges closer to shore from out of the depths.

Most productive days recently have all been tied in with weather patterns that push the trout closer to shore, and when that happens we have had ferocious bites. Look for wind patterns that would appear to push towards the shore, across points, or into bays. Keep in mind that the undercurrent may be playing in the opposite direction of these wind currents, so mind your drifts and ensure you are getting an accurate presentation.

Midges have been the dominant offering to these chilly trout, easy pickings especially when their metabolism is running a little slower than usual. Streamers can be effective on some days, but slow it down as they aren’t as keen to charge in the icy waters. Most colors are working, but focus on that middle emergent pattern where they are evolving in the red/brown stages. All size groups are eating these midges, so we are popping puppy class trout all the way up to 18-20# fish, so keep them bugs in the water and be patient!

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