The South Lake has unsafe ice

Ruby Lake NWR - Elko, NV (Elko County)

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

The county road going out is muddy and expected to stay that way with the warm temperatures.  Harrison Pass remains closed. The South Lake has unsafe ice, which applies to all ice at the Refuge. See report for Ruby Lake Collection Ditch.

More Reports

Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Thursday, March 21st

Bruneau River: The gage on the Bruneau River at Rowland is reading high at 394 cfs
Wild Horse Reservoir: Expect another week or so of suitable ice fishing conditions
Wilson Reservoir: Likely muddy road conditions requiring 4WD at this time
Comins Lake: Remaining ice is unsafe at this time
Humboldt River - South Fork: Increased flows are resulting in turbid water above the reservoir
Illipah Reservoir: Remaining ice is unsafe
Jakes Creek Reservoir (Boies Reservoir): Unsafe ice at this time
Jiggs Reservoir (Zunino Reservoir): Jiggs Reservoir is ice free

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