Fly fishing at Pyramid Lake has improved in the last few days

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Reno Fly Shop

Fly fishing at Pyramid Lake has improved in the last few days and we are looking forward to the storm coming in this weekend. While fishing has in fact been slow through the month of March, things are looking up as an increasing number of fish are showing up in the shallows. The consistency of fish in close to the shoreline will only help the bite improve.

The midge bite has slowed down with fish going on the spawn. Balanced Leeches fished shallow early in the morning have produced well. Colors like the Midnight Cowboy or Sizzurp are the best options. This is also a great time of year to fish the “naked” or “no-cator” style on a floating line. Simply tie on a Balanced Leech or Holo Midge rig on a long, thin leader connected to your fly line. Cast out and allow your flies to sink  towards the bottom. Begin retrieving with varying cadences and speed to figure out what the fish want. This is a great technique when fishing shallower beaches (4-8 feet).

The strip bite has been most consistent. With fish cruising close the shore, its easy to fish too far out. If you’re on a ladder and see fish cruising behind you- back up! Oftentimes pulling your ladder back to shore and casting to cruising fish can be very effective. It doesn’t get much better than sight fishing large trout in a sand flat! The Mopcorn Beetle has been a top producer in the White/Chartreuse combination. If fish are spooky, try running a longer leader (6-9 feet) to a smaller pattern like the Martini Olive Pyramid Lake Bugger.

Flies We Suggest

Pyramid Lake BeetleBoobyPyramid Lake Bugger, Holo MidgeMicro MidgeBalanced LeechPyramid Lake BeetleBoobyPyramid Lake Bugger

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