Pretty solid Spring fly fishing on the Truckee River

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Glitch in the system with the snow and the weather this past weekend. 68 by next weekend in Truckee, bring it.

Pretty solid Spring fly fishing on the Truckee River. Big fish time. Not lots of fish time.

Flows came up a bit with the rain and snow. About 1,200 cfs here in Hirschdale and higher as you go down towards Reno. We still have some snow that needs to melt, so we’ll see what happens when we start hitting the 70’s. So much of our water in the Truckee River is controlled by reservoir releases that it’s hard to tell what flows will be like this month. My advise, just go fishing

If the water comes up and it gets off color, worms and streamers. If it’s high but good visibility, standard nymphs. Remember, fish close. Trout are not out in current right now.

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