Truckee River Fishing Report

Truckee River

by Trout Creek Outfitters
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With the tributaries of the river pumping in a lot of water as it makes it way downstream, the Truckee changes a lot between the various sections. With the recent drop in flows out of Lake Tahoe the upper section of the Truckee from Tahoe City to River Ranch is once again running low and it probably won’t be until you hit the area around Glenshire Drive before the fishing will remain consistent. In this area, the water is running very clear and you best bet will be using smaller nymphs in sizes 14-18 representing baetis, March browns, or midge larvae. Still, with the flows being a bit high here, mixing in an attractor nymph may help the fish find your smaller presentation. As you get below the confluence of Boca Reservoir, the river remains at similar flows to the last month or so. There will also be a noticeable bit of color added from this tributary, and this is where your standard attractors will still very much get the job done. Worms, eggs, stoneflies and crawdads are going to continue to work well anywhere in the canyon. Even still, I wouldn’t discount using some smaller and flashier bugs, such as rainbow warriors, duracells, blowtorches, or perdigon patterns. The streamer bite remains good in this lower river as well, and you can fish any small to medium streamers representing sculpins or whitefish with a fair bit of consistency. Look for the predatory fish setting up to ambush prey by hanging along deep undercuts, around log jams, or in the cushion of water in front of or behind a boulder. Cover water quickly with streamers. Put in just a few casts in each spot and keep moving. The bite should be reactionary and you should see the fish move on it quickly. This is definitely a fun way to fish for people that enjoy constantly moving. Base your tippet diameter on water clarity and the size of your bug. When fishing along Glenshire and using small nymphs, try 4x fluorocarbon. If fishing below the canyon and using attractors, 3x fluoro will be best. For streamers no lighter than 2x, and we believe in the durability of mono for streamer fishing. 

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