The Truckee River has fished increasingly well with water levels dropping

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

The Truckee River has fished increasingly well with water levels dropping. The Truckee River at the Reno Gauge is hovering between 1,000-1,200 CFS. This flow provides a good opportunity for fishing and should lead into a fun summer on the river. 

Our summer hatches have begun arriving daily. We are seeing some PMD’s during the daytime starting around 10:00 am. Additionally, Yellow Sally Stoneflies and Caddis are showing up in good numbers. You may see a few of these during the day- but the hatch will be most concentrated towards evening around sunset. These hatches happen quick and can last sometimes only 10-15 minutes. We’ve seen rising fish the last few evenings around this time so you can expect to find a few rising fish over the next couple weeks. 

Dry fly fishing has also picked up quite a bit in the last week. Focus your efforts on soft water during the evening. Patience is important as you may not see fish rising right off the bat. Watch a section of water for a few minutes before making a cast. If you don’t see activity, move on. You’re looking for flat water or gentile riffles. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. Focus your dry fly fishing efforts on the evening hours around sunset. 

Streamer fishing has been solid in the last week. Rainbows and browns are eating the streamer best from afternoon through evening. Let the water temperatures increase a bit and go throw a big fly. Targeting likely water is really important since flows are still at or above 1,000 CFS. The Kreelex has been great and you can swap it out with the Barely Legal or the Bangtail. Switch up your presentation style until you key in on what the fish are looking for.

Nymphing continues to be the most productive method. PMD, caddis, and Sally nymphs are all great options. The Jig TNT PMD and Split Case PMD are good options in the morning. Caddis and Sallies are fishing better into the afternoon. The OCD Caddis represents your caddis and the Carot can fish for both a caddis and sally.


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